how to write an essay

Finishing touches

Now that you have finished your essay and done a great deal of work, it's important that you don't screw up submitting it without spell checking or proofreading. No matter how hard you tried on the context, you may not get an "A" just because you didn't format the paper or misspelled several words.

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Check you assignment instructions or consult your professor as for the required format and structure of the paper. Is your paper complete and formatted in terms of title page, margins, double-spacing and putting some additional information (name, subject, date, etc.) in it?

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After all, do the proofreading of your paper, so that you can improve and add some finishing touches to it. It may lack some smooth connections between paragraphs or may not have some logical sense in certain parts. Sometimes things you write at night, may seem absolute nonsense in the morning. Read your paper several times and submit it only when you are completely satisfied with it. Do not forget to run the spelling and grammar checker.

Now, that you've gone through this essay-writing process, you may consider your paper complete and ready for submission!

Good luck!

[how to write essay]

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