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Now that you have your body paragraphs, you can be certain of what to introduce to a reader. A good introduction should attract reader's attention and clearly point out the focus of an essay. This is where you get to express your creativity.

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Typically, the introduction starts with some general remarks related to the topic, then it gently leads to a thesis statement. On the way to your thesis you get more specific with each new sentence.

However, if you truly want to grab someone's attention to your essay and to get extra credit from your professor, you should do some research and start you introduction with one of the following:

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  • Quotation of a famous person;
  • Sensational facts or startling information (which should be true and verifiable);
  • Anecdote or dialogue.

Whatever way you use to introduce you essay, be sure that information is related to your topic and can lead a reader to your thesis statement without any extra efforts. In order to have a complete introduction, you need to connect such information with your thesis statement using several elaborate sentences. Thesis statement finishes the introduction.

[how to write essay]

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