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Very important part of developing an essay is a well-organized approach. You may have many ideas and a lot of information, but that will produce nothing without organizing those ideas and information in a particular order. That's what you need an outline for. Besides, you may actually use it in a ready-made essay, so that your professor or instructor would see the structure of your paper and the main ideas presented.

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An outline usually begins with a topic of your essay at the top of the page. Then you make a list with Roman numerals and write main topic-related ideas or points right next to each numeral.

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  • If it is a persuasive essay, write the main arguments.
  • If it's a guide for some actions, write the steps that should be followed.
  • If it's an overview, divide it into major categories and write them down.

Each main idea may contain several facts or pieces of information supporting it. They should be written using the, B, C listing under the main idea with Roman numeral.

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